Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions stated here under relate to the use Thaili Digital Paisa by User.

In these terms and conditions:

i. “Thaili Digital paisa” means the technology platform that enables the Wallet services managed and operated by Nepal Investment Mega Bank Limited (NIMBL).
ii. “thaili” means “Thaili Digital Paisa”.
iii. “Users” means customer as thaili digital paisa
iv. “Wallet” means a Wallet account of the Customer – registered
v. “NRB” means Nepal Rastra Bank, central bank of Nepal.

User shall not disclose Password and Transaction PIN to any other person. Customer shall immediately notify Thaili Help Desk, if the confidentiality of password and PIN is compromised.

If user need, user should request Thaili Help Desk to block account or reset Password and PIN.

Any payment instruction unless there are sufficient fund in Wallet will not be executed successfully.

Customer shall accept the Thaili Digital Paisa’s record of transactions as conclusive and binding for all purposes.

Thaili Digital Paisa reserves the right to terminate the membership, withdraw the privileges attached to Wallet at any time and to call upon Customer to surrender the Wallet.

Thaili Digital Paisa facilitates the payment only and in no circumstance shall be responsible for the quantity, quality, suitability, safety or delivery of goods and services by Merchant. Customer understands that any issue or disputes regarding the warranty, guarantee, quality of goods and services and their exchange or refund will be addressed either by the manufacturer/ service provider or Merchant and Customer agrees to settle such issues and disputes directly with Merchant. However, Thaili Digital Paisa will assist Customer in resolving any issues with Merchant within 72 hours of receiving any complaints from Customer.

Upon termination of membership or withdrawal of privileges of Wallet for any reason whatsoever, Customer shall be liable for payment of the bills arising out of use of Wallet till it is not terminated.

Customer shall provide written instructions to Thaili Digital Paisa for the cancellation of the account.

Wallet and Mobile number and passwords associated will entirely be responsibility of Customer. Customer shall not passwords or permit possession of Wallet/Mobile Number to any other person. Customer takes the full responsibility for any and all transactions made by the use of Thaili Digital Paisa whether or not performed with his/her knowledge or authority.

Daily and monthly usage limit of Thaili Digital Paisa will be set in accordance with the guidelines issued by NRB and the policy of Thaili Digital Paisa.

Thaili Digital Paisa shall not be liable, responsible or accountable in any way whatsoever arising by any malfunction or failure of the electronic devices/system or on the failure or delay on Thaili Digital Paisa to act on the instruction given via this medium.

Thaili Digital Paisa shall not be responsible for any loss or damage incurred or suffered by Customer as a result of non-acceptance of instructions given on Thaili Digital Paisa.

Customer undertakes to indemnify Thaili Digital Paisa and to keep Thaili Digital Paisa indemnified against all losses, damage, cost or expenses incurred and sustained by Thaili Digital Paisa arising out of Customer’s failure to observe any of the terms and conditions herein mentioned.

Use of Thaili Digital Paisa shall be subject to these terms and conditions, Thaili Digital paisa’s prevailing rules and regulations and other conditions provided in its website –https://thaili.com.np (“Thaili Terms and Conditions”).

Thaili Digital Paisa reserves the right to amend Thaili Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice to Customer and such amended terms and conditions shall be binding on Customer.

Unless required or requested by law or any government body, information pertaining to service provided to Customer or Wallet will be kept confidential.

Thaili Digital Paisa may cancel Wallet for breach of Thaili Terms and Conditions by Customer.