Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

What is Thaili?
Thaili is a digital wallet, which ensures real time, secure and instant payment. With Thaili, you can make various payments such as utility bill payment (NEA, Khanepani, etc.), recharge mobile, make bank transfer (Thaili to bank) and many more.

What devices work with Thaili?
Currently Thaili can be used using any Android Device and iOS Device using Thaili app and via website (

Does it cost to register in Thaili?
Being a digital platform, an individual who owns the right of being citizen of the state can register in Thaili without any charges. An individual must own the nationality certificate as citizenship/license/passport/voter’s ID card to register in Thaili.

Are there any charges applicable in using Thaili services?
The services in Thaili are free of charges. However, charges may incur depending on the policies adopted by Thaili.

Is Thaili secure?
Thaili is a business entity regulated by the Nepal Rastra Bank’s rules and regulations, hence, it is the safe and easy mode of payment.

What if my phone is lost or stolen?
Thaili needs login credentials every time you login so your application cannot be used without knowing the login credentials.

Does Thaili work in other countries?
No, Thaili is a business entity regulated by the Nepal Rastra Bank’s rules and regulations, hence, can only operate within Nepal.

What happens to my mobile wallet when I replace my device?
Thaili uses login credentials every time so you can login from any device but be sure to logout when using it on devices other than yours.

If I sell or give away my device, what will happen to the information on it?
When selling, giving away or disposing of your device, you should make sure to not be logged in Thaili application. Thaili does not save your personal data so it is safe.

Registration process

How do I get registered in Thaili?
You can easily register in Thaili via Thaili mobile application or website. For registration via mobile application: First Download Thaili application from Playstore(for Android).Thaili Download link or App Store.

Please follow the following steps for Mobile Application:
I. Open Thaili application
II. Click “Register”
III. Enter Mobile Number and click “Register”
IV. You will receive an SMS for verification Code.
V. Enter Verification Code received via SMS and click “Verify Now”
VI. Enter basic detail and click “Finish”
VII. Login password and PIN will be send on SMS after success.

Please follow the following steps for Web Application:
I. Open web browser and type
II. Click on “Register”
III. Enter Mobile Number and click “Submit”
IV. You will receive an SMS for verification Code
V. Enter Verification Code received via SMS and click “Verify”
VI. Enter basic detail and click “Finish”
VII. Login password and PIN will be send on SMS after success.

User status
Generally, in Thaili, we have user status as verified and unverified and can be seen on your profile.

Unverified status:
• It means your Thaili account is missing the detailed information (KYC details) and verification documents (Citizenship/License/Passport/Voter's ID Card)
• Transaction will be limited.

Verified status:
• It means you have filled all the required KYC details and documents.
• Hence, you can enjoy full transaction limit.

Bank Linked:
• User can apply for bank link of NIBL bank from Thaili application.
• Once linked, user will be able to do a transaction from bank account too as a mobile banking

Thaili load

How do I Load money in Thaili wallet?
To make any transactions via Thaili, one must have account in Thaili. Therefore, Thaili can be loaded via different mediums using NIBL e-Banking and mobile banking.
a. Internet Banking
b. Mobile Banking
c. Linked accounts
However, if you are loading from Financial Institutes other than NIBL and from Card, charges may incur.
How do I recover password?
In case you have forgotten your Password (mobile application login password), you can reset with the procedure. There is an option of Forgot Password on Thaili Mobile application and web application.

Does Thaili hold the money in its own bank?
As per Nepal Rastra Bank’s rules and regulations Thaili has an ‘A’ Class Financial Institution as settlement bank from day to day operation. Settlement bank holds the rights and responsibilities of the wallet balance in Thaili Wallet.

How do I get my money back if I no longer want to use Thaili?
There is a bank transfer options available on Thaili wallet from where user can have amount transferred to bank account.

I transferred some amount from my internet banking and/or mobile banking to Thaili account, but I cannot see the update in Thaili?
Your Thaili balance should be updated immediately after transferring funds from any bank. However, if the amount has not been loaded in Thaili, then few errors as below have created the obstruction:
-Failure of the communication link between bank and Thaili system, or
-Insertion of wrong Thaili ID.
We suggest you to please call Thaili Help Desk for further assistance.

Fund transfer
The act of sending Thaili balance using “Transfer Funds“ from one Thaili account to the other Thaili account is referred to as fund transfer. To use the service, both of the users must have Thaili wallet registered.

How can I withdraw money from my Thaili account to a bank account?
You can withdraw Thaili balance to a bank account by visiting to ‘bank transfer’ option on your mobile app or on web portal. Login to Thaili>> Bank transfer>> fill the details and make withdraw.

Can I use Thaili from my iPhone?
Yes, you can use Thaili from your iPhone.

Is communication between my phone and to bank's system is secured? If yes, what is the basis of security
We have secured connection between Thaili server and NIBL bank. Data are encrypted while having communication between Thaili server and NIBL bank.

Will Thaili App gets updated regularly automatically or need to update manually?
Thaili app will be updated automatically by default unless the settings of the phone has been changed manually by the user.

What are the services available under each features?

I. Topup

i. Nepal Telecom(NT)

• GSM Prepaid
• GSM Postpaid

ii. NCell

II. Recharge Card


III. Bill Payment

• Schools
• Colleges
• Water
Do I get confirmation on each transaction, whether successful or unsuccessful?
Yes, through SMS message, in few seconds and pop up notification too.

Do I get refunded for failed transactions?
Yes, if the transaction is not complete and the balance has been deducted the user can request for refund by calling Thaili Help Desk.

Do I need to visit branch to subscribed Thaili?
No, user can subscribe to Thaili via Thaili app and website by quick Register.

Do I need to visit branch to get PIN for Thaili?
No, user will get the login password and transaction PIN during the registration on Thaili.

What are the limits, in terms of number of transaction per day, amount per transaction, amount per day, amount per month....etc.? Person to Person
Detail Count PerTxnAmt PerDayAmt TxnAmtMonthly
Cash In 5 25000 25000 500000
Cash Out 4 25000 25000 500000
With KYC Wallet 6 15000 25000 500000
Services 20 10000 25000 500000
Wallet to Bank 5 50000 200000 500000
Wallet to Wallet 5 5000 15000 25000
Without KYC Wallet 5 100 1000 5000

Note: Limit will be changed according to NRB Circular.

Do I need to visit branch to change my PIN?
There is an option of change PIN options on setting of Thaili Application after login.

Do I have to submit any document to subscribe/register Thaili?
• During Quick Register there is no requirement of documents.
• If you do bank linking, there is no requirements of documents.
• However, if you do not want to do Bank Linking and would like to have full transaction limit, you need to complete the KYC and upload documents detail while submitting the KYC.

Is Thaili available only to NIBL Customers?
• Thaili is available to all the customer.
• But to link a bank account for now NIBL bank is only the options.

Does Thaili have capability to transfer fund from NIBL to other commercial banks/financial institutes?
Yes, Thaili has option to transfer fund to other Financial Institutes. There are two options to do fund transfer to other Financial Institutes. You can either choose Direct Option or Using ConnectIPS. However, the charges may apply.